Andy McMaster

(Born July 1947)


On The Motors first album (1977), like Nick Garvey, Andy is on the credits for all 8 tracks.

It was in 1978 that The Motors had the most commercial success, and the band's top-five hit 'Airport' was written by Andy, as was the follow up 'Forget about You', which fell just short of the top-ten, peaking at number 13. (Lead vocals on 'Forget About You' were performed by Nick however).

Andy wrote and performed lead vocals on the 'Approved By' album track 'Do You Mind', and the single 'Today' was also written by Andy. All of the album's 10 songs had Andy amongst the writing credits.

The final album saw Andy on the credits of 6 out of the eight tracks, with sole credit for 'Metropolis' and 'That's What John Said', both of which were released as singles and had Andy performing lead vocals.

In 1987, Andy released a single called 'No Joy'. The video for the song was filmed in Glasgow city centre.


Lives in Hastings.

In 2007, 5 solo tracks appeared on Andy’s MySpace page, which sound like they might have been recorded around the same time as 'No Joy'.
The tracks are:

No More
22nd Floor Hotel Room
Radiate Me
Love Is A Sanctuary

Fast forward to 2016, and Andy is due to release his new album this summer (2016), with singles to be released every month until June 2017!

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