Bram Tchaikovsky

(Born November 1950)


Peter Bramall (who by this time had adopted the stage name Bram Tchaikovsky) joined The Motors in June 1977 following the departure of Rob Hendry who was in the initial line-up from February 1977. Bram's style was said to suit The Motors intended sound more appropriately.

Playing a key part of the backing vocals and harmonies in The Motors sound, and also had writing credits on 'Mamma Rock 'n' Roller' and 'Sensation' from the 'Approved By' album.
Bram was reportedly non-plussed with the contractual arrangement with The Motors and in 1978, undertook some live dates with his own band 'Battleaxe', which featured Keith Boyce on drums (who Bram had met when The Motors supported Heavy Metal Kids in which Keith played drums, ). The name 'Battleaxe' was dropped and the band simply became known as 'Bram Tchaikovsky'.


The Q magazine article reports that following the ceasing of touring with his band in the early 80s, he built a recording studio in Lincolnshire, which he sold in 1986, and came out of the music industry altogether.
In the 90s, he managed a Lincolnshire based band called "Fingerprint Circus".
Now living in his native Lincolnshire and playing live blues.

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