Nick Garvey

(Born September 1951)


On the first album ('1'), Nick is on the writing credits of all 8 tracks along with Andy McMaster. (Gordon Hann is also credited on a number of tracks). Half of the songs are sung with dual lead vocals, with Nick taking lead on the other half.

The second album ('Approved By') comprised ten tracks, with Nick amongst the credits on half ('Mamma Rock 'n' Roller', 'You Beat The Hell Outta Me', 'Breathless', 'Dreaming Your Life Away' and Sensation'. He also took lead vocals on the McMaster penned 'Forget About You' and 'Today'. Lead vocals were also performed by Nick on 'Picturama' (which was the b-side to 'Forget About You' and also later included as a bonus track on the CD release of 'Approved By').

For the 'Tenement Steps' LP, Nick is on the writing credits of 6 of the 8 tracks and takes sole lead vocals on 'Love And Loneliness' and 'Modern Man', the others being dual-lead or McMaster.

When The Motors break up was announced in 1981, Nick was re-signed to Virgin as a solo artist and released one album ('Blue Skies') in 1982. A small number of live dates as a solo artist are documented early in 1982, and there may have been others later.
The album's personnel included Rob Hendry, who was in the original Motors line up from February to May 1977 and Michael Desmarais who played drums on The Motors 1978 track 'Here Comes The Hustler'. Interestingly, the line-up also featured Micky Broadbent, who recorded and toured with Bram Tchaikovsky.


In 1995, Q magazine featured a "Where Are They Now?" feature on The Motors, in which it was reported by Nick produced albums for Fingerprintz and Bad Manners in the 80s (he had previously produced for Bram Tchaikovsky too), and that between 1985 and 1987 he had a job in A&R at Polydor. Following this, it is reported that he had a stint in the building trade.

Nick now lives in Reading and plays (played?) in a local covers band called The Dynamos. He seems to be a very private person and attempts to make contact with him have been unsuccessful.