I first got into The Motors many years after the band broke up, thanks to repeats of Top Of The Pops on UK Gold in 1995. I discovered the band performing their top-five hit ‘Airport’ (episode presented by Dave Lee Travis), and from then on spent many hours buying everything I could get my hands on at record fairs.

I discovered that The Motors were so much more than a one hit wonder band, with beautifully crafted songs from the raw and heavy debut album ‘1’ (some say reminiscent to Status Quo), to the commercial ‘Approved By’, to the 1980s influenced ‘Tenement Steps’. These could be albums by three different bands - but what it showed was a band not afraid to reinvent themselves, and it was such a shame that The Motors ground to a halt after less then 4 years.

There is little information on The Motors on the internet, and hopefully at long last, this web site will bring together fans of this band, who are far too good to be forgotten.